Worx of Africa

“The items are African in inspiration, origin and manufacture”

Worx of Africa, in White River – near the Kruger Park in South Africa, supply Monkey Apple with our range of Monkey Apples.

Gathering of Monkey Balls is done by unemployed people in rural areas, and provides a valuable source of income to families who would otherwise have little or none. The harvesting of the balls also protects the trees from being cut for firewood.

Worx of Africa
Worx of Africa is an equal opportunity business which employs over 70 people in 3 factories and adheres to Fair trade Principles.

Worx of Africa
Monkey Apples grow on trees - Strychnos spinosa (Monkey Apple). Local villagers harvest the balls which are
delivered to the factory in Hazyview. Once the skin is removed the balls are dried for nearly 12 months. Once dried they are sorted into bags and delivered to the workshop in White River. There, the balls are made into different products with different finishes. After almost a year, local artists decorate the balls by hand – no two balls are alike.
Worx of Africa
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