Babes in the Pond

Babes in the Pond

Size: 40cm(l) x 50cm(h) x 4.5cm(w)

Judy Wentzel


Acrylic on canvas, unframed.


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  • SIZE (cm): 40cm(l) x 50cm(h) x 4.5cm(w)
  • WEIGHT (kg):
  • MEDIUM: Figurative & Portraits
  • YEAR: 0
  • ARTIST: Judy Wentzel
  • SIGNED: Yes

Judy Wentzel paints with acrylic using unconventional techniques. She paints with canvas upside down, and usually with he fingers, hands, kebab skewers  or the paint straight from the tube.  She has developed a spontaneous  style that is colourful, optimistic and transformative. Her paintings encourage the viewer to feel the childlike wonder of seeing the world with naivety, honesty and openness.