We have an amazing group of talented artists, all of whom produce unique African art of the highest quality.

  • Clementina Van Der Walt

    Clementina Van Der Walt

    Clementina van der Walt is a well-known South African studio potter, based in Cape Town, who has in the past four decades lectured, run a production studio and held many one-person shows. Her work is represented in several South African national and international collections.

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  • Daniel Novela

    Daniel Novela

    Daniel Novela is a man who’s day would be incomplete without having held a paintbrush.  His sophisticated paintings radiate light and the heart of the African landscape, does the man himself.  His use of colour and technique has drawn the attention of many art enthusiasts across the world.

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  • Dante Ruben

    Dante Ruben

    Dante currently resides in the coastal town of Stanford in the Western Cape Overberg region and was previously resident in neighbouring Hermanus, the home town of some of South Africa’s finest artists namely, Gregoire Boonziaer, Marjorie Wallace and Maggie Laubser.

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  • Fani Ceramics

    Fani Ceramics

    Tucked away behind a design centre in Woodstock, one of Cape Town’s bustling creative areas, three excitingly creative artists turn lumps of clay into unique works of ceramic art.  These are the brothers Siyabonga Fani and Madoda Fani with their friend Chuma Maweni.

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  • Rwandan Basket Weavers

    Rwandan Basket Weavers

    Our baskets  are sourced from a Rwandan handicraft company dedicated to women’s economic empowerment through enterprise design.  What began as an opportunity for basic income generation and skills training for women, has grown to produce positive multiplier effects in the lives of their children, their families, and their communities.  Their weavers have achieved access to education […]

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  • Ian Hertslet

    Ian Hertslet

    Ian Hertslet is a Johannesburg based South African artist who has been painting professionally since 1986.  His free, spontaneous technique is tempered by his years of technical training and experience, resulting in works which irradiate a startling combination of simplicity and depth.

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  • Imiso Ceramics

    Imiso Ceramics

    Majolandile (Andile) Dyalvane and Zizipho Poswa are the founders and winning team behind Imiso Ceramics.Working from their studio at the Biscuit Mill in trendy the Woodstock area of Cape Town, South Africa, these two dynamic ceramic artists and their assistants create bowls, vessels and sculptures.

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  • Isabel Le Roux

    Isabel Le Roux

    The first impression of Isabel Le Roux’s art is vibrancy. The courageous use of colour adds to the expressionistic quality of emotion and feeling. She paints life and creates her paintings in the journey of her own life. She is well known for her typical South African scenes, especially those from the Cape, but her […]

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  • Monkeybiz South Africa

    Monkeybiz South Africa

    Monkeybiz is an economic upliftment project dedicated to reviving the traditional craft of African Beadwork and empowering women to become financially independent.  Since 2000 Monkeybiz has supported its 320 bead artists to continue creating these artworks.

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  • Peta Becker Projekt

    Peta Becker Projekt

    The group takes great pride in their skills, which are of a very high level – their work has travelled to some of the best design stores from Japan to Amsterdam.

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  • Sandile B Cele

    Sandile B Cele

    Sandile Brian Cele was born in 1980 in Umlazi Township, Durban in South Africa.  Cele’s unique and bold works express his own inner journey, revealing a combination of of his Zulu childhood with his contemporary urban, Afro-punk influences, honed on the streets of contemporary metro Cape Town and culminating in his Zulu-Goth persona. In his […]

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  • Tania Babb

    Tania Babb

    Tania Babb was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in Mozambique and now lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. She has achieved a long list of exhibitions and awards since becoming a full-time artist.

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  • Swaziland Baskets

    Swaziland Baskets

    With a passion for excellence and respect for the earth, the remarkable women of Tintsaba create beautiful handmade products centered around the use of Sisal, a sustainable natural weed that grows wild in Swaziland.

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