Ian Hertslet

“Technique facilitates Passion. Dedication eliminates process. ”

Ian Hertslet is a Johannesburg based South African artist who has been painting professionally since 1986.  His free, spontaneous technique is tempered by his years of technical training and experience, resulting in works which irradiate a startling combination of simplicity and depth.

Ian Hertslet
Ian is an excitingly energetic artist who, despite his many tears as a professional, still finds himself intoxicated by the power and energy of what is still to come.

His current works pay testimony to his renewed interest in colour, which is the driving force behind all his works. No primary colours are tolerated, neither is pretentious fussy, detail.

Ian has numerous landscapes hanging in corporate boardrooms, and bedrooms, throughout South Africa and father afield.....
Ian Hertslet
Ian Hertslet was born and educated in Johannesburg where he drew and painted from an early age. He gravitated naturally towards art as a career - working as a professional illustrator in the advertising business for almost 20 years. He then turned to full time painting, focussing on his interest in and passion for the landscapes of South Africa.

His work has evolved to a bold and spontaneous style and he constantly strives for new and interesting ways of seeing things. Ian was influenced early on by the creativity of his artist motherland is inspired by other artists - the creations of Alessandro Pappeti, the powerfully executed works of Gérard Richter- uplifting thoughts of his son, or is own latest work.
Ian Hertslet
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In the Rain

Size: 40cm(l) x 50cm(h) x 4.5cm(w)

Red Rachel

Size: 25cm(l) x 19cm(h) x 6cm(w)

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Women Fetching Water After a Storm

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XL Cactus in a bright Pot

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Small Flowering Cactus

Size: 10cm(h) x 5cm(w)

Giant Cactus Ball

Size: 29cm(h) x 22cm(w)