Daniel Novela

“Open fields under an endless sky, the Africa that was mine when I was a boy”

Daniel Novela is a man who’s day would be incomplete without having held a paintbrush.  His sophisticated paintings radiate light and the heart of the African landscape, as does the man himself.  His use of colour and technique has drawn the attention of many art enthusiasts across the world.  Daniel has developed a powerful range of techniques and paints subjects that are close to his heart with sensitivity, depth and sophistication.  “While I am all African, my style is not typically African. I gravitate towards Impressionism particularly John Constable, Trevor Chamberlain and Richard Schmid. I also admire South African artist Adriaan Boshoff.”

Daniel Novela
Daniel has exhibited regularly in South Africa as well as the US, Germany, Switzerland and Britain. From pavements and flea markets in rural North West to some of the world’s finest galleries, he has always attracted attention.....
Daniel Novela
His is a true story of how passion, hard work, determination and belief, not to ignore massive talent, triumph over hardship.

Daniel was born in Makado, in the northern part of South Africa in 1964. At a young age his family moved to Daniel’s father’s home in Mozambique which is where he spent his childhood. Owing to the death of Daniel’s father and the wars in the country, life was poverty stricken and tough, with Daniel’s education suffering numerous blows. Despite the rigours of his childhood, Daniel has memories of an idyllic childhood in the wide open spaces of bush and farmlands, close communities and a strong sense of belonging. They were ” … the happiest days of my life and I return there with every painting”.

With the support of his wife Frangely, and their two children, Daniel has never waivered from his determination to be a professional artist. While working in a store to support his family, Daniel would paint at night and sell on the street and at a monthly craft market. Finally an opportunity came for Daniel to recommence his studies and achieve a National Diploma in Fine Arts. Sponsorship by Les and Sylvia Lategaan set Daniel’s current success story in motion.
Daniel Novela
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