Dante Ruben

“I hope that through my work I connect with you in some special way – this is my intention..”

Dante currently resides in the coastal town of Stanford in the Western Cape Overberg region and was previously resident in neighbouring Hermanus, the home town of some of South Africa’s finest artists namely, Gregoire Boonziaer, Marjorie Wallace and Maggie Laubser. The scenic beauty of the area has been an inspiration to many, no less to Dante who considers her 10 years there as being career changing. During this time she made contact with Hennie Niemann Snr where she worked in his gallery and also attended a few of his classes. This is when her art took a dramatic turn, from realistic landscape painting to more of an impressionistic figurative style which then branched out to other subjects such as Still Life and Street Scenes.

Dante Ruben
Dante attributes her inspiration and success to the four main influences in my life namely my dad Don Benzien, for her inherited talent and who was the architect of her formative years as an artist, Hennie Niemann, who renewed her love and inspiration for the arts, the late great Irma Stern and fellow South African artist Hennie Niemann Jnr whom inspires her still.
Dante Ruben
Dante Ruben was born in Cape Town, spent some years living in South West Africa/Namibia and then returned to Cape Town in her early 20s. She Began painting in her teens and her first art tutor was her father Artist Don Benzien in the late 80's and early 90's. To me being an artist is just like any profession, when you put your heart and soul into your work and have a passion for what you do, it reaches out and touches others.

Influenced by many styles through the years she became an accomplished landscape artist and painted part time between being house wife and mother.
Dante Ruben
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