Zulu Pot – Yellow

Size: 18cm(l) x 14cm(h) x 16cm(w)

Dancer -Red stripes

Size: 6cm(l) x 14.5cm(h) x 4cm(w)

Lady on Rhino mini

Size: 9cm(l) x 13cm(h) x 4.5cm(w)

Madam and Eve miniature

Size: 7.5cm(l) x 13cm(h) x 4cm(w)

Adam and Eve miniature

Size: 8cm(l) x 12.5cm(h) x 4cm(w)

Adam and Steve miniature

Size: 8cm(l) x 12.5cm(h) x 4cm(w)

Lady on Whale mini

Size: 8cm(l) x 10cm(h) x 4cm(w)

XL Cactus in a bright Pot

Size: 34.5cm(h) x 10cm(w)

White, silver and gold glass beaded elephant

Size: 30cm(l) x 24cm(h) x 9cm(w)

Orange,black and white glass-beaded giraff

Size: 25cm(l) x 32cm(h) x 7cm(w)

Orange,sky-blue and green glass-beaded horse

Size: 28cm(l) x 26cm(h) x 7cm(w)

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Beaded Bunny Rabbit

Size: 26cm(l) x 29cm(h) x 20cm(w)

Powder blue and white beaded horse

Size: 30cm(l) x 31cm(h) x 9cm(w)


Size: 14cm(l) x 19cm(h) x 6cm(w)

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Flat Cat

Size: 14cm(l) x 21cm(h) x 5.5cm(w)

Seated Lady

Size: 6cm(l) x 16cm(h) x 16cm(w)

Lady With Chicken

Size: 16cm(l) x 14cm(h) x 5cm(w)

Beaded Orange and Purple Elephant

Size: 36cm(l) x 19cm(h) x 23cm(w)

Pink and white glass-beaded elephant

Size: 28cm(l) x 17cm(h) x 23cm(w)

Cut top Zulu Plug Vase

Size: 16.5cm(l) x 21cm(h) x 16.5cm(w)

Giant Cactus Ball

Size: 29cm(h) x 22cm(w)

Window Belle

Size: 15cm(l) x 17.5cm(h) x 5.5cm(w)

Reader on Rabbit

Size: 12cm(l) x 16cm(h) x 8.5cm(w)

Beaded Bokkie Art

Size: 31cm(l) x 34cm(h) x 12cm(w)

Beaded Lion Art

Size: 24cm(l) x 26cm(h) x 11cm(w)

Crazy Couple

Size: 6.5cm(l) x 19cm(h) x 17cm(w)

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Sailing on an Ocean of Hair

Size: 24cm(l) x 24cm(h) x 7cm(w)

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Red Horse

Size: 6.5cm(l) x 18cm(h) x 18cm(w)

Beaded peacock art – striped

Size: 42cm(l) x 20cm(h) x 10cm(w)

Yellow Chinoiserie With Cat

Size: 16.5cm(l) x 17cm(h) x 7.5cm(w)

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Lounging With Cat

Size: 20cm(l) x 25cm(h) x 8.5cm(w)

Beaded Peacock Art

Size: 43cm(l) x 42cm(h) x 22cm(w)

Beaded Dinosaur Art

Size: 67cm(l) x 27cm(h) x 13cm(w)

Tabasco beaded art

Size: 9cm(l) x 36cm(h) x 9cm(w)

Smarties beaded art

Size: 41cm(l) x 7.5cm(h) x 16cm(w)

Beaded cat art


Beaded Poodle Art


Beaded Marmite art

Size: 23cm(l) x 28cm(h) x 19cm(w)

Beaded Nutella Art

Size: 22cm(l) x 28cm(h) x 22cm(w)

Cat bead art – large

Size: 24cm(l) x 33cm(h) x 24cm(w)

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Smoke-Fired Vessel by Chuma Maweni

Size: 29cm(l) x 70cm(h) x 25cm(w)

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Large Smoke-Fired Vessel 2

Size: 44cm(l) x 66cm(h) x 21cm(w)

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Large smoke Fired Vessel 1

Size: 52cm(l) x 61cm(h) x 17cm(w)