Angel and bird

Size: 9.5cm(l) x 8cm(h) x 4.5cm(w)

Angel and flute – small

Size: 11cm(l) x 9cm(h) x 4.5cm(w)

Angel with Heart

Size: 135cm(l) x 185cm(h) x 55cm(w)

Big Mermaid

Size: 14.5cm(l) x 20cm(h) x 7.5cm(w)

Couple on a Couch

Size: 9cm(l) x 9cm(h) x 5cm(w)

Dancer – Blue dots

Size: 7cm(l) x 15cm(h) x 6cm(w)

Dancer – Blue stripes

Size: 6cm(l) x 14.5cm(h) x 4cm(w)

Dancer – Yellow dots

Size: 7cm(l) x 14cm(h) x 6cm(w)

Dancer – Yellow stripes

Size: 6.5cm(l) x 14cm(h) x 4.5cm(w)

Dancer -Red stripes

Size: 6cm(l) x 14.5cm(h) x 4cm(w)

Lady and Chicken

Size: 16.5cm(l) x 13.5cm(h) x 7cm(w)

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Lady and Flying Bird

Size: 14.5cm(l) x 14cm(h) x 6cm(w)

Lady in red dress and Horse

Size: 17cm(l) x 20cm(h) x 8cm(w)

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Lady with Cat on Knee

Size: 15cm(l) x 170cm(h) x 60cm(w)

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Large Smoke-Fired Vessel 2

Size: 44cm(l) x 66cm(h) x 21cm(w)

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Mother and Child

Size: 13cm(l) x 17cm(h) x 5.5cm(w)

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Size: 14cm(l) x 16.5cm(h) x 5.5cm(w)

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Red Rachel

Size: 25cm(l) x 19cm(h) x 6cm(w)

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Scarified Once Off Large

Size: 21cm(h) x 30cm(w)

Beer Pot

Size: 16.5cm(h) x 26cm(w)

Red Beer pot

Size: 21cm(l) x 19cm(h) x

CMB decorative plate – blue,red and grey

Size: 28cm(l) x 3.5cm(h) x

CMB Decorative plate – blue/grey, green & blue

Size: 28cm(l) x 3.5cm(h) x

CMB decorative plate – yellow and red dot

Size: 28cm(l) x 3.5cm(h) x

CMB decorative plates – pale yellow, red & green

Size: 28cm(l) x 3.5cm(h) x

Composite vases

Size: 18cm(l) x 28.5cm(h) x

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Large smoke Fired Vessel 1

Size: 52cm(l) x 61cm(h) x 17cm(w)

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Large smoke-fired pot

Size: 56cm(h) x 31cm(w)

Large Smoke-Fired Pot

Size: 24cm(h) x 19.5cm(w)

Large Smoke-Fired Pot

Size: 24cm(h) x 19cm(w)

Large, Smoke-Fired Pot

Size: 23.5cm(h) x 19cm(w)

Long neck zigzag vases

Size: 16cm(l) x 26cm(h) x 16cm(w)

Madoda Fani – Small, smoke-fired pot

Size: 13cm(h) x 20cm(w)

Madoda Fani, Large Smoke-Fired Pot

Size: 18cm(h) x 23cm(w)

Madoda Fani, Medium, Smoke-Fired Pot

Size: 18.5cm(h) x 21.5cm(w)

Madoda Pot

Size: 31cm(h) x 22.5cm(w)

Medium Smoke-Fired Pot

Size: 20cm(h) x 17cm(w)

Medium, Smoke-Fired Pot

Size: 21cm(h) x 17cm(w)

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Africasso Once Off Large


Tall tapered vases

Size: 16cm(l) x 29.5cm(h) x

Siyabonga Fani – Small Fired Pot

Size: 13cm(h) x 20cm(w)

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Siyabonga Fani, Medium Fired Pot

Size: 43.5cm(h) x 24cm(w)

Siyabonga Fani, Medium Smoke-Fired Pot

Size: 13.5cm(h) x 20cm(w)

Small African Pot

Size: 21.5cm(h) x 15cm(w)

Small smoke-fired pot

Size: 17cm(h) x 14cm(w)

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Smoke-Fired Vessel by Chuma Maweni

Size: 29cm(l) x 70cm(h) x 25cm(w)

Tiny Smoke Fired Pot

Size: 12cm(h) x 11cm(w)

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Tiny Smoke-Fired Pot