Imiso Ceramics

“The anticipation of a kiln unpacking ... where words fail to express awe.”

Majolandile (Andile) Dyalvane and Zizipho Poswa are the founders and winning team behind Imiso Ceramics.

Working from their studio at the Biscuit Mill in trendy the Woodstock area of Cape Town, South Africa, these two dynamic ceramic artists and their assistants create bowls, vessels and sculptures, each unique and meaningful. Their particular ranges include Zizipho’s organic hand pinched range, Andile’s townscape views and Africasso range (Africa inspired by Africa) and the Scarified Collection, inspired by the African tradition of body scarification. Telling stories, actualising dreams and expressing their life experiences, each piece is a uniquely crafted and coloured masterpiece.

Imiso Ceramics
Andile was born in the small village of Ngobozana in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. He studied in Cape Town before winning a scholarship to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University where he graduated Cum Laude in Ceramic Design. Andile is well travelled but prides himself as being South African. Clay gives him the ability to create something beautiful, valuable and usable with four elements of life: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.....
Imiso Ceramics
Zizipho hails from Umtata in the Eastern Cape of South Africa where she began her studies before relocating to Cape Town to graduate in Surface Design and textiles. Inspired by her natural surroundings, flora, fauna and an inherent love of beautiful things, she designs and creates the Imiso's popular hand- pinched ceramic collection. Her knowledge allows her to translate textile designs onto her clay canvas of decorative bowls and plates. Her pieces flourish in South Africa and internationally.
Imiso Ceramics
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Blue Dancer

Size: 8cm(l) x 15cm(h) x 5cm(w)

In the Rain

Size: 40cm(l) x 50cm(h) x 4.5cm(w)

Red Rachel

Size: 25cm(l) x 19cm(h) x 6cm(w)

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Women Fetching Water After a Storm

Size: 63.5cm(l) x 89cm(h) x 3.5cm(w)

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Circular Koi-Warm

Size: 60cm(l) x 3.5cm(w)

XL Cactus in a bright Pot

Size: 34.5cm(h) x 10cm(w)

Small Flowering Cactus

Size: 10cm(h) x 5cm(w)

Giant Cactus Ball

Size: 29cm(h) x 22cm(w)