Zimbabwe Basket – Natural Colourway

Zimbabwe Basket – Natural Colourway


Zimbabwe Baskets


These beautiful grass Mbinga Baskets are sourced from Zimbabwe and come in three sizes:

small: 27cm diameter x 5cm depth

medium: 36cm diameter x 5cm depth

large: 41cm diameter x 5m depth.

Each basket is woven in traditional Mbinga designs.  They can be displayed on the wall or as centre piece on a table.


The basket you receive may differ from those shown on the website.  Should you wish to select the pattern of your basket,  please email us and we can forward images of our available stock.


  • SIZE (cm):
  • WEIGHT (kg):
  • MEDIUM: Baskets
  • YEAR: 2019
  • ARTIST: Zimbabwe Baskets
  • SIGNED: No