Beaded Zebra – brown

Beaded Zebra – brown

Size: 26cm(l) x 26cm(h) x 7cm(w)

Monkeybiz South Africa

South Africa

Zebra beaded with circle pattern in natural brown tones.


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  • SIZE (cm): 26cm(l) x 26cm(h) x 7cm(w)
  • WEIGHT (kg):
  • MEDIUM: Beadwork
  • YEAR: 2021
  • ARTIST: Monkeybiz South Africa
  • SIGNED: Yes

Handcrafted in Cape Town using glass beads sewn over a wire and cloth frame.  This unique item bares a tag signed by the individual artist.

Monkeybiz is an economic upliftment project dedicated to reviving the traditional craft of African Beadwork and empowering women to become financially independent.  Since 2000 Monkeybiz has supported its 320 bead artists to continue creating these artworks.